About Julie Trelstad




You can ask me just about anything about how the industry works, from how to pitch an agent, how to work with your publisher, how to make an e-book, or how to market a book effectively. I've been an editor, publisher, marketer, salesperson, book producer, web designer, and coach. 

Since my first job was as an editor at Progressive Architecture magazine, where I learned that I liked writing about architecture even more than I liked drawing. I was the editor of the original The Not So Big House book at the Taunton Press, and the 10th Edition of Architectural Graphic Standards at John Wiley & Sons. Unless you're an architect, those probably won't mean much to you. Now I write novels featuring architects.

I love technology too, and I've always been an early adopter. At Wiley I made CD-ROMs in the 1990s, which made me a digital publishing pioneer. In 2004, I learned about Print-on-Demand technology and founded the Plain White Press, which published books and card decks for busy women. I founded it as an anti-digital company that produced both books and card deck kits. The Press had national distribution and won several awards before I sold it to Fox Chapel Publishing in 2010. 

Since that time, I've been helping authors with their publishing businesses, including websites and online platform creation and development. Most recently I did this in-house as Director of Digital Rights at Writers House, a literary agency.

Now I'm ready to help you build your writing and publishing business.