Why is it so hard to market a book?

The Answer: MOre Books than Readers!

Today, 4,000 more books will be uploaded on the Amazon. Many are re-prints, reissues of public domain works, yet many are new and competitive. How does one author even begin to compete? Other factors include: the increasing exclusivity of the bestseller list, fewer books stocked in bookstores, and

What Works?

We are dedicated to giving authors a voice while making publishing and book marketing more streamlined and creative. Every author and book is different, so we will work with you to create a custom marketing approach.

Julie Ink specializes in working with authors, publishers, and literary agencies by interpreting the challenges presented by the growth of social media and emerging book marketing technologies. At the same time, we believe in the traditional values of matching the right book to the right reader.

We do this two ways - through consultation and coaching, and with hands-on help. Either way, our goal is for you as an author is for you to own and understand your unique marketing approach.

Our primary goal is to help authors and publishing professionals increase exposure in a crowded market and sell more books.

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I was focusing my time and energy in all the wrong places and Julie’s approach to social media and time management skills helped me to get my online presence in order and build a following. She’s knowledgeable concerning every area of publishing and compassionate to the struggles of authors - exactly the kind of consultant a new author needs to jump start a career.
— Jessica Taylor, Author of A MAP FOR WRECKED GIRLS

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