What Authors Can Learn from Paulo Coehlo’s Social Media

Best known for his inspirational international bestseller, The Alchemist, Paulo Coehlo’s digital presence provides a great model to look at if you want an example of who does a great job of turning his well of existing writing into follow-worthy social posts.

A simple unpretentious website anchors Coehlo's digital efforts. On his homepage, you’ll find the author's latest blog post (updated twice a week) and current social posts. A few buttons on the site get you to his foundation, his bio, and photos. You can sign up to get his blog updates via email. Downloadable e-cards and free e-books add value for readers. 

For most authors this much social media might be overkill, but Coehlo is active (but not too active) on every social platform, meeting his loyal readers where they want to find him. (Daily posts on three social media sites might seem daunting, but an easy way to maintain once or twice daily posts is use a social media scheduler like Buffer.)

Paola Coehlo’s Blog 

Updated twice a week, most of Coehlo’s posts are excerpts from his books, but sometimes there is publishing or personal news.  These posts, along with a few choice quotes are posted daily on Coehlo’s Facebook page.



@PauloCoehlo tweets approximately twice a day, once in English and a second time in his native language, Portuguese. The tweets are inspirational quotes, photos, links to new blog posts, and conversations with his readers



Coehlo’ boasts 1.5 million followers, and simple selfies from his morning walk like this often get more than 40K likes and tons of comments.

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